Sunday, February 24, 2013


 Sean went to the SPCA this morning.  He said he was just going to look.  He even said we could go back together tomorrow if he found a dog he liked. 
 I said I couldn't really go tomorrow, and I did not think I would not be able to go and just look.  But I would have been shocked if he had not come home with a dog.  He was scouting out the adoptable dogs on the SPCA website yesterday.  And he wanted a puppy.

 Puppies are so hard to resist.
So far, everyone loves him - even the resident dog and cat.  Well, they seem open to him joining us.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Knitting Bunnies

Over Thanksgiving I made a couple of little bunnies - constructed off a rectangle, so nothing fancy - for Holly's friends who saw one I'd made as a birthday gift for another of her friends.  Then yesterday Holly came home with a list of 13 "orders" for bunnies from other classmates.

It's nice to have a project to work on that has a home to go to when it's done.  I do have a few other things to do - like decorating for Christmas or making cookies or shopping for gifts.  So I'd hate to get sucked into knitting as procrastinating doing the laundry or something...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Growing Up

Julia lost her last baby tooth over the weekend.

It makes me a little sad.  I have it in my pocket, waiting I guess for her to ask to send it to the tooth fairy.  I don't think she will.  And so I wonder if the tooth fairy should come anyway.  With a fantastic glittery note.

She got an ipod for her birthday last week.  Today she walked home from school and dropped the ipod on the walk.  The front is all broken.  Alan got a glass splinter in his hand checking it out.  But Julia was not in tears coming in the door.  She seemed to think I would be the one to be upset about it.  I know she has to be upset herself, but it doesn't seem to be top of her list to make sure something is done to fix it.

And I guess that could mean either she realizes it is only a toy, or it could signal that she has no doubt that it will be fixed and quickly and there's no sense getting worked up about it.

So I wonder if I should put off getting it fixed.

Because maybe having to wait for it would be a good thing.  And because it's no cheap fix.

Then I think back to last week.

Halloween night Julia went trick-or-treating with 3 friends and Holly.  They had a great time walking around my mom's neighborhood (where there are street lights and sidewalks) by themselves.  Only one house questioned their ages (only Julia and one friend went up to this house, the other girls were otherwise occupied).  And the woman turned them away - told them they were too old and to get off her porch.


I knew just the house when Julia told me.  As we passed it, she did the same thing to 2 older boys.  And it made me angry and sad and frustrated that while we complain about not wanting kids to grow up too fast, we then cut them out of childhood fun.

Only the whole incident didn't really bother Julia.  She had a great time trick-or-treating. (She told me her response to the woman was a curtsy and a "Well, trick-or-treat to you, too!" as they left.)  And when I explained why the whole thing bothered me - including the fact that people treat each other rudely when they can say No so much more politely - Julia responded that the woman probably just wasn't very happy and that's why she was mean.

She shut me up.

Another morning last week Holly was throwing fits about anything.  She was complaining about Alan moving too slow and being late and just being a jerk.  After they left I asked Julia why she thought Holly acted like that in the mornings.  She told me that she thinks Holly is just tired and she doesn't want to be late, so when she thinks they are going to be late she flips out a little.

Hm.  Good point.

And then Friday afternoon as I picked Julia up from school and we headed to meet Oliver I said to Julia that I had packed her some outfits but probably had not done as good a job at putting them together as she does.  "That's okay," she said. "I'll have clothes and that's all that matters."


My baby girl is growing up.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Next project?

I didn't sew anything today.  The sewing machine is still sitting on the table though.  And there is still a basket of fabric sitting near the machine on the table so I can turn it into something fabulous when I get the inspiration.  I wish the inspiration would come.

I have been asked to make some Halloween costumes.  Only, she can't really make up her mind what she wants to be.  And when I ask her to sketch out what she wants me to sew it includes things like - this part should be gold sequins and this part should be lace.  Hm.  Great attention to detail, only I don't usually keep a lot of black lace and gold sequins in my stash.  How about a cool teenage witch costume made with baby ducks fabric?  I can do that!

I have also been asked to make costumes for Julia's drama club performance.  Only I'm not sure what kind of costumes they are wanting and not sure how many or what size anyone is - or when the performance will be.  Minor details, really.

Not to mention I have a few unfinished projects tucked into my stash - a quilt to make from old receiving blankets.  Or a few doll quilts instead of a quilt.  That seems to be the decision I need to make in order to finish the quilt(s).  A t-shirt dress half cut out for Jillian.  Cut from a black t-shirt.  I'm not excited about a black t-shirt dress.  I should embellish it with something colorful or funky.  Or at least plan to embellish it.  Maybe the planning will inspire me to finish it.

I do like the thrill of seeing my stash pile go down.

I know I have been texting too much when I get the urge to end every sentence with a smiley face :)  So you will know I'm not grumpy while I'm complaining :)  Smiley faces seem to make everything I type okay :)

Maybe I'm tired.

Good night.  :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Lunch Bags

Awhile back, I made a few lunch sacks.  Julia had been taking her lunch to school in a paper bag which did not lend itself to a cold pack very well.  I don't remember her complaining about the cheese stick being soggy or anything, but I didn't feel good about sending her with things I thought should at least be kept cool.

So I took a few old canvas shopping bags from World Market, a few zippers, and an old sweatshirt for insulation, and made some sacks.

Last year we had a little trouble with her remembering to bring a reusable bag home.  

 Her locker had a putrid smell for months after she left a sandwich in there long enough for it to turn green before she brought the bag home.

So washable was on my list of important aspects of the new lunch bag.
I made two small ones and this larger one I have packed with snacks for a car trip for us all.  And it has  been nice to have a backup bag to send with Julia, and hers has been washed more than once.

Now I'm trying to decide on how to tweak my design to make it not so purse-like that Alan will eventually not want to carry one like it.

Mock Meet

The swim team had a fun meet at practice this week.

Julia was excited about it.  Holly did not want to compete (a feeling I think she may have partly gotten from being my daughter).  And Alan wasn't really sure what was going on.

I forgot to fill out the paper picking events for them.  When I was a swimmer, I don't remember it ever being my choice what or how much I swam.  I'm sure if I asked what they want to swim it won't always match up with what they would swim best.  So, the coach ended up picking their events - and also the events for a lot of other swimmers who also did not turn in the sheet on time.

 I think, because Holly and Alan were reluctant to participate, she only put them in 2 events.  They both swam freestyle and backstroke.  Julia swam freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.  I am pretty sure she and one other boy were the only ones in her age group to sign up for the 50 fly.
 They have all improved a lot since they started swimming.  And they all did really well in their heats.
 Parent volunteers were the timers.
 I was the only parent to cheer on my swimmers.
So it was kind of a quiet meet all in all.  But it was fun to watch, and good for them to go through the motions of it all.

I signed them up for the next season which starts in November.  They'll get to swim in an indoor pool, but otherwise it will be the same coaches and people.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sandpaper & T-shirts

Thanks to Pinterest, I found a new way to get designs on t-shirts.

A few years ago I tried the freezer paper stencil on a t-shirt trick.  And it wasn't hard to do, but I never did as many as I promised the girls I would.  Finding a design that I liked, that meant something, and that lent itself to stencilling wasn't easy for me.  This new way is something I think we can all do:

 You draw your design on sandpaper (remembering to reverse lettering if you use it), then flip the sandpaper over and iron it on to the shirt.  (It is best to stick a paper or something between the shirt layers and also over the sandpaper to protect both the back side of the shirt and your iron.)  After ironing off any excess crayon, and setting the color in the dryer (the first shirt I made for Jillian was the Super Grover symbol and the G seems to have washed out because I didn't set it well enough), you have some pretty cute shirts:
This particular shirt was designed by Julia especially for Jillian and Eliza Cate.  I did the ironing, but I'm pretty sure she could have done that part, too.